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Hi there, 

I'm Catherine.

I do lots of things, but basically it all comes down to

teaching yoga, making art, and designing stuff. 

I graduated from California College of the Arts in 2018 with a BA in Industrial Design and have been living in San Francisco since college. At the moment my professional work is primarily freelance design, designing (and sometimes physically making) signage, logos, branding, and marketing materials.  I'm always looking for new clients who need design work, particularly small businesses that have a connection to art or wellness.


I also teach yoga. I completed my 200hour teacher training and RYT early in 2019. 


I formerly worked for Yoga to the People, teaching in their San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley studios. At the studios, I was in charge of the info chalkboards in the studios and basically anytime something needs to be written/painted/or given a little artistic love. 

Unfortunately, the YTTP studios closed for good on July 7th amid controversy and allegations against the founder.


I'm working on getting online to teach more yoga for now.  Much of my freelance work has also come to a standstill as my clients' businesses are closed as well.  That being said I'm looking for any and all remote design work and looking to sell some art or do some commissioned pieces. 


My art is primarily watercolor or digital work.  I have done many watercolors of famous SF landmarks or Cooperstown locations, as well as a handful from around the world.  I would be happy to help turn some of your favorite travel photos into art, or a memory of an old home (I love buildings!)  My digital art style is more graphic, I draw a lot of stickers and icon type images.  I love to bring puns to life or share inspirational messages in any medium I can.


I have lots more to share and lots more to say, but that's the gist of me!



TLDR// Buy my art! Take my yoga classes, both online and off. Hire me for your design-related needs!


get in touch!

Catherine G. Borgstrom

San Francisco, CA, USA

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